I thought i'd write a little article about the building process itself: Most people seem a bit intimidated or at least nervous to go through a new build process as there are quite a few unknowns at first and there can be a lot of hurdles to jump over. But as a famous builder once said: Building a house is a complicated process made up of a lot of simple easy steps.

So let's break them down:


- Find a section to build your house on. Ideally you buy straight off the developer, not "second-hand",  as otherwise someone has already realized a capital gain.

- Draft up a set of plans. for your house.  It can be useful to go to some open homes to get an idea of what a certain squaremeterage looks and feels like. If you find one you totally like, your architect or designer can work off the plans for that house. Ideally you get your builder involved at an early stage as he will have a better understanding of the costs involved with your house.

- Send the plans out to builders for a quote. Ask for detailes pricing so you can compare and know where any price differences come from

- Secure your financing and insurance for the build. 

- Engage a builder if you haven't already.

- Get building consent from you local Building Consent Authority (BCA), typically your council.

Now the fun part starts:

+ Footings get dug and a slab prepared. Or a raft slab gets poured straight onto level ground. Or your house can be on piles. The second one is engineered, the other two follow Standard NZS 3604

+ Concrete placers will pour your concrete slab.

+ Frames and trusses arrive and get stood, purlins attached.

+ The roof incl fascia and all ridge and barge caps etc get installed by your roofer.

+ The building gets wrapped in a weathertight membrane or better: a ridgid air barrier RAB, and your soffits get installed

+ Exterior windows and doors arrive

+ The cladding gets installed

+ Interior doors get installed

+ On the inside, Gib plasterboard or any other wall lining of your choice gets put up after the electrician and plumbers have done all their work inside the walls. (If you have RAB board, this can happen before the cladding is finished)

+ Gibstopping

+ Skirtings and archetraves, trim carpentry (built-in shelving, robes, ...)

+ Painting, inside and out

+ Driveways, patios, decks, fences, and other external finishing touches


Now, these steps are simplified and contain probably a dozen more steps each step of the way. But as a general guide, most residential houses in NZ follow this pattern.


Hope that helps and feel free to ask any question. You find a contact form and other means to contact me under "contact us" above.