Thinking of building a Tiny Home instead and keeping your mortgage cost small at the moment? 

These are distressing times. If you're in the position of owning a section right now but you can't quite commit to build your dream home on it with 3, 4 bedrooms, dbl garage etc then maybe a smaller home may be the right thing to do right now. A house that meets your current needs with just enough rooms for adults and children which can either be relocated or added onto at a later stage when your financial situation changes. A house on piles, for example, can be sold and relocated later and your new house can be build in its place. Or you can develop a groundfloor plan to which you can easily and seemlessly add onto later, say add another room for another child, add a garage and so forth.

Typically a tiny home is understood to be movable ie on wheels. That usually does not require a building consent if the "trailer" is roadworthy and can be readily towed. (Court cases are pending at time of writing). In order to be towed on the road certain weight and size limitations apply though. 

But if you consider a tiny home to be any home within a certain sqm range then your options are much bigger. While they do require building consent, the consent costs relate to the overall building cost and are therefore small for a tiny home of say 50sqm - let's call that a Small Home. A local designer of your choice would be able to draft a set of plans for somewhere between NZ$2500 and 6000.-

Some factory-made tiny homes can cost up to NZ$6500.- per squaremetre! That is as much as a fully architectural home from some of the best architects in NZ would cost. 

Typically, a "normal" home with middle of the range spec's should cost you between 2000,- - 3000.- /sqm depending on your fitout and interior finishes. Which is much less then the advertised tiny homes: That is because rooms like bedrooms, garages, hallways, ... are "empty". They don't have plumbing fittings, gas fittings, fireplaces, tiles, ... That way, while increasing the overall squaremeterage of a home, they only contribute comparatively little to the overall cost (in comparison to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry). Vice versa, a tiny home has a rather high square meter price because there are no large spaces. 

With a good designer and build team it should be able to build a Small Home for around NZ$3000.- per sqm while including modern building techniques like Ridgid Air Barrier and insulated slabs.

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